What is the airBux Digital Rewards Program?

The airBux Rewards Program is the premier rewards program in Australia offering exclusive airBux Rewards to its members. Your digital membership allows you to earn airBux Rewards every time you transact at an airBux merchant partner, through the airBux mobile app or online via the airBux website www.airbux.co You may redeem your rewards in app or at any of the participating airBux merchant partners too.

How does it work?

When making a purchase at an airBux store you, the rewards member, will identify yourself to the sales associate who will pull up your member information on the terminal. Your rewards will be automatically calculated when you transact and your rewards account will be credited with the airBux Rewards earned. Your earned rewards will be available for redemption after 24 hours. You may then redeem the rewards against your next purchase at a participating airBux store.

Where can I earn my airBux Rewards?

You can earn rewards at all participating airBux merchant partners . You may also earn rewards when transacting through the airBux mobile app, and on the airBux website www.airbux.co.

What rewards do I get?

You will earn between 2 – 15% airBux Cashback Reward on your purchased spend whenever you shop at a participating airBux merchant partners, in app or via the airBux  website.

How do I become a member of the airBux Digital Rewards Program?

Membership is FREE. You simply need to download the app from either the Google Play store or the the Apple store. As soon as you have joined, you will be able to start earning airBux CashBack rewards.

Are the airBux Rewards really like cash?

The rewards are given as airBux Cashback Rewards – earned in dollars – and may be spent at any airBux merchant partner, dollar for dollar. airBux Rewards have no monetary value and cannot be redeemed for cash and cannot be sold, transferred, assigned or otherwise dealt with except in accordance with the Terms & Conditions of the airBux Rewards program.

Can I use the airBux Rewards as soon as I earn them?

airBux Rewards may not be available immediately after you earn them. Once your transaction has been processed a report is sent to the airBux Rewards Program. Your airBux Cashback rewards are then loaded onto your account and made available. This process can take up to 24 hours.

Is there a limit to how many airBux Rewards I can earn?

No, there is no limit to what you can earn.

How do I know how many airBux Rewards I have earned?

Login to your ariBux mobile app to  check your account status at any time. Alternatively, you may also check your balance in-store by giving your membership details to the sales associate.

Do I have to spend my airBux Rewards within a certain time frame? Do airBux Rewards expire?

All good things must come to an end… even your airBux Rewards! airBux Rewards must be redeemed within 24 months of accrual; so any rewards you have not redeemed for a purchase during that time will be deducted from your account. You can keep an eye on your airBux Rewards to find when they are due to expire by logging into your personal rewards account.

What is an Advert?

Never miss out on something good! Adverts are posted in your app homepage. We’ll post news, events and offers so you are kept up to date with what’s hot and happening with airBux. Save your favourite adverts by selecting the “Star” in the top right hand corner of the advert and they’ll be stored in the ‘My Favourites’ section of the airBux mobile app so you can find them again later when convenient

What is My Loyalty?

Visit My Account to review your airBux Cashback balance, see your available rewards and track your transaction history. When you pay, show your unique membership QR code to the cashier. That way we can make sure to reward you for your purchase.

What is an airBux Coupon?

Coupon is a promotional code which you can use to redeem a special airBux offer. Once you issue a coupon; it will automatically be saved to ‘My Coupons’; find ‘My Coupons’ in the left-hand Menu, ready for you to redeem when you are ready.

How do I redeem an airBux coupon?

Redemption rules may vary among offers. Read the Details and Terms & Conditions of each offer carefully for instructions on how to redeem. In most cases you will need to show the cashier the coupon at checkout, or type the coupon code at checkout if you’re buying online.

Why can’t I see my saved coupons?

To view your saved coupons, you must login. Go to the left-hand Menu > Login. Then open the left-hand Menu > My Coupons.

Can I log into my account from another device?

Yes. Download the app on the device you wish to use, then login with your email and password

What is the km distance displayed when I add a favourite?

This value is the distance from a airBux location that you must be before receiving a notification for an offer in that location.

Do I need to be connected to the Internet for the app to work?

Yes, the app needs an Internet connection to display content.

Do I need to allow the app to access my location?

Yes, this app is a location-based app, but it only uses your location to filter which airBux offers are closest to you, and also help determine your delivery address for orders.

Do you store my credit card information?

We don’t store any credit card information on our servers. We use Stripe, a world-leading, secure and reputable payment processor. See https://stripe.com/au for more information. Stripe takes care of storing, decrypting and transmitting your card number. You can view Stripe’s security policy at https://stripe.com/docs/security. Your credit card information is safe!

Who can I contact for help or more information?

You can email us at info@airbux.co

Are there any authorisation charges when adding or using my credit card?

When you make a payment or add a card in airBux, you may see a $1 pending charge on your bank statement as part of the card authorisation process. This is a temporary authorisation charge and it will disappear from your statement. airBux uses the stripe payment gateway, a world-leading, secure and reputable payment processor. You can view Stripes authorisation and verification process at https://support.stripe.com/questions/unexpected-1-00-charge-on-customers-bank-statement